Illuminate Your Living room

Why Living room Design?

The artistry associated with decorating your own living room can be peaceful, serene and liberating as well. You can instill it with your own sense of individuality, and tailor it to your own environmental needs. Specific environmental settings generate different results and sentiments as well. You do not have to splurge all of your money in order to meet your decorative needs.

Basic Steps to Decorating Your Living room

Large candles can add the perfect fusion of sophistication and elegance to your living room. Furthermore, they are very versatile and their visual appeal can allow you to better relax and assimilate into your living room environment.

Before you incorporate any decoration into your living room, gauge the size of the room first, as well as the relative amount of furniture. If your living room is relatively cluttered, consider clearing the space to better visually accommodate for the large candles. Try to distribute all furniture pieces and decorations in a way that offers a sense of ease to the surroundings.

If you have a small living room, aligning the walls with these candles can easily offer a majestic look to your room. If you have a large living room, such candles will give it an even grander appeal.

Such candles can be found on, which caters to a variety of candle colors, sizes, designs, and scents as well. This is an online shopping resource that offers myriad candles for your decorative needs.


Balance Your Bedroom with Candles

How Candles Can Improve Your Bedroom Setting

The bedroom is a personal space intended for leisure, relaxation, as well as long, healthy sleep cycles. However, a poorly designed bedroom can give rise to a feeling of turbulence, preventing you from capitalizing on it potential for peace and serenity. After working grueling work hours, you should look forward to the embrace of your cozy bedroom. Most notably, the candlelight candles produce for anything can generate a sentiment of balance and calm. Your bedroom should be a destination in which you can easily meditate, relax, breathe, sleep, focus, read, laugh and daydream.

But without the proper source of light, you can fall prey to the horrors of a dimly lit, dull room. The candlelight candles produce (from the Waxations store) will allow you to achieve the desired ambience in the room that you inhabit.

How to Decorate Your Dining Room with Candles:

Perhaps you do not feel as if candles are necessary within the scope of your room. However, the right candle arrangement can transform your room from a simple, Spartan environment, to a beauteous pillar of security and relaxation.

There are an infinite number of ways you can arrange candles in your room, and the placement can significantly enhance the effects of your surroundings. For example, combining your candles with other decorative pieces can add a greater sense of artistry to your room. The more aesthetically pleasing your room is, the easier relaxation will be.

Create Your Own Centrepiece with Large Candles

The Importance of Candle Size:

The effect that candles engender hinges on their size, and their capacity to glow. Furthermore, the manner in which you arrange large candles and small candles can produce different visual effects as well. Choosing the right candle arrangement can be tricky, and you must achieve a clever balance among candles of differing colours and sizes.

How to Arrange Large Candles: 

There are many names for large candles, and many refer to them as pillar candles. You can create the perfect candle centrepiece, and customize it to your liking. If you are preparing for a special occasion, you should consider designing your own arrangement to increase the artistic quality of your home. There are many ways to go about this. For example, you may consider choosing them in varying sizes and heights. This adds variation to your design. Most candle arrangements consist of an odd number of candles.

Rules for Candle Arrangements: 

Make sure that the large candles you select aren’t too high for your house guests. Whenever you are having a social gathering, you must make it easy for conversation to occur. Furthermore, eye contact is exceedingly important in social interaction-another reason why you must consider candle height.

You can even mix and match large candles with short tea light candles, as they are compatible in design. When you are customizing your candle arrangement, it is critical to orient them at about 1 1/2 inches away from one another. Always stabilize your candles on flat surfaces that are resistant to heat. Excellent surfaces include that of glass and mirror.

Enhance Your Joyous Christmas With Decorative Candles:

Why Christmas is Special:

Christmas is a uniquely wonderful occasion that draws upon so many traditions and practices. For Christians, it signifies the birth of their Lord and Saviour. For others, it is a day that is replete with celebration, gratitude and a plethora of presents. Whatever your motive is for celebrating Christmas, there is more to it than the superficial components that meet the eye. There is an undeniably magical element to Christmas cheer. You may find magic in the callow innocence of your children’s anticipation of presents. The notion of a family gathering is both warming and comforting to people as well. The aroma of richly decadent Christmas cuisine is seen as magical to most. Who can resist the mouth watering pies, or succulent honey baked ham? There is so much to anticipate.

Christmas Candles Can Brighten Your Holiday:

One of the most magical elements of Christmas is the decorations themselves. The right touch can magnify the Christmas spirit all around you. But, you shouldn’t limit your holiday decor to Christmas trees, mistletoes, and other traditional decorations. These serve as great foundations, but the right arrangement of Christmas candles can work wonders for your holiday decor. Waxation offers a unique collection Christmas candles, which can be arranged in a variety of different orientations. You can place Christmas candles on your dining room table, in front of your fireplace, on your mantle, near your Christmas tree and more. The design itself doesn’t compare to their illuminating, warm presence. Burn the flame of Christmas cheer this year, and buy your Christmas candles on

Christmas Candles is the unique design of lights

Christmas is the Christian holiday that is annually celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the 25th of December. Candles have always been in use during this holiday and for various reasons. For example, at first a large candle was used in a play as the big star that directed the wise men to where Jesus was born. Candles were also used to light the Christmas tree until the invention of the electric lights which are far much safer. With the changing emerging trends in the interior design business as well as stiff competition in the hand- making candles industry, candles have evolved from just providing light and warmth but have been added fragrance oils to scent the rooms and churches when lit. Christmas candles are also now diverse in size, color, type, style, scent and the accessories they are adorned with.

At ‘Waxations Hand- making Candle Company’, special Christmas gift sets, samples and basket are available as well as Christmas travel kits for those planning to travel or stay outdoors during the Christmas season. The Christmas Candles are made with the greatest amount of first- class fragrance oil and with candle wax that holds. This ensures that customers’ wants and needs are met.

Christmas theme colors are red, gold and green are most candles come in these colors either singly or two or all of them combined together. Other colors available though, are lavender, white, cream, black, brown and so many other colors. It all goes down to the choice of the customer. Christmas candles come in varying sizes, small, medium and large. Jar, tea light, taper, votive and pillar candles are some of the types and styles of candles available which also come in varying shapes, the Christmas tree shape being the most unique.